If you have a problem with your spine, with a pain which goes into your head, hands, legs, abdomen or if you have a formication in your limbs or you had an accident, an illness, if you are obese, irritated or you suffer from any other health problems or for instance if you do sports, use my services. Remember that the most important is the prevention.

Masseur - Maros Majoros

The massage, regeneration and recondition service (working experience 14 years - in the Czech and Slovak Republic, trustworthy)

Recovery massages, sports massages, reflection massages, relaxation massages, unblocking of the spine, paraffin fomentation



Services prices   
50 min£ 25 
60 min£ 30 
80 min£ 35 
Mobil phone: 07533836896

Available come to your house and provide service at your home


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